Can I Prevent an Ex from My Personal Social Media Marketing?

That hinges on some things. Are you nonetheless contacts with your ex-girlfriend? In that case, then definitely keep her on your own Twitter pal number so when a-twitter follower. It’s my opinion that women and men could be friends — like actual, platonic pals.

Just in case your love interest has actually an issue with an ex publishing friendly circumstances on your own fb web page, after that she’s most likely insecure about herself or insecure concerning your relationship. No one should ever before reveal just who is friends with. Remember that.

Alternatively, if situations don’t finish well along with you and your ex-girlfriend, this may be’s probably far better cut connections all together. You dont want to be from your Facebook page for over five hrs and get back to a 10-posting string of Tori Amos films. Will you? Removing exes off of the social networking isn’t a black and white subject.

Your final decision need measured on what circumstances were left.