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Who We Are

Henderson Handyman is different from your typical handyperson service. We are experts at renovating and customizing homes.
We can design and build custom kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities plus create and install custom countertops.
                                From foundation to finish, we deliver quality craftsmanship to those who seek to make their house their home.                               

If you want a professional job at a reasonable price, Henderson Handyman Service should be your first choice.


                                                  For a Limited Time Only!

                                               8’X12′ Storage Sheds $2,500

   (see the picture gallery below) 



  • Free on-site assembly
  • Built with construction screws, not nails (screws offer superior tensile strength over nails)
  • Foundation (2″x6″ floor joists w/hangers)
  • Wood construction (2″x4″ frame, OSB subfloor and roof, primed grey Engineered Panel Siding) 
  • One 3′-0″ barn-style hinged door (with locking hasp)
  • Rafter ties
  • Roof (with two clear panels for natural lighting)
  • Roll roofing (buff color)
  • 1″x2″ battens, trim and outside corner molding
  • 1-year warranty (against roofing leaks)
Extras (sold separately):
  • Heavy-Duty Shelving package (five shelves 2’x 8′, two shelves 2′ x 40″, and one shelf 1′ x 8′)  ……  $480.00
  • Painting (two colors of your choice) ………………………………………………………………………………………….  $390.00
  * Unlike other wooden sheds, ours can be disassembled and easily relocated (the roof, each wall, and floor can be unscrewed).   
  * The average cost to rent a non-climate-controlled self-storage (10’x10′) locker is $124 per month ($1,488 annually or $2,976 in two years).   
  * Purchasing your own (8’x12′) storage shed from us would turn two years’ rent into an investment and save you gas and time.
  * A 8’x12′ wood shed from Home Depot, installed, is $3,099 but does not come with a foundation (floor). 





- Alan Banks - Alan Banks

Mike's craftsmanship is impressive, as is his construction trade knowledge. Well worth the price. He is our "go-to" guy for all home improvement jobs.

- Gentille C. Designation

Mike (of Henderson Handyman Service) is reliable, trustworthy, and delivers quality work. His skill set and versatility are amazing.

- Tom K. Designation

Mike constructed two interior enclosures, installed travertine tile throughout our house, then built an exterior 2nd-floor balcony.

Laila E. Designation

Mike is undoubtedly a skilled builder and a master at multitasking. He is a talented perfectionist.

Alena O. Business Owner

I have used Mike for several jobs, and each one turned out flawless. His skills enable him to get the job done with precision and speed.

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